If you know me then you’ll know I like to take photos…lots of them! During the time spent on this walk I took the best part of two thousand photos and after a little(?) sorting out and processing they’re now available for your viewing pleasure below. The photos have been divided up into weeks, beneath which you’ll find galleries for each of the days of the walk.

Nearly all of my Flickr photos were taken on my phone as it was easier to sort out and upload them. This meant they were not the best quality but were good enough to capture the moments as I went along for everyone to see.

The photos below were all taken on my camera and include a lot that you won’t have seen if you’ve only looked through my Flickr photos. They also include a few other people took and have sent to me – thanks everyone.

There are a lot of them but I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I have while sorting them all out.