The Route

As far as walking from Land’s End to John o’Groats goes, you can pretty much make up your own route; the only real criterion for being able to say you’ve done the “End-to-End” is that you get from start to finish in one continuous journey. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how you do it.

My original route was influenced by Andrew McCloy’s route guide “The Land’s End to John o’Groats Walk” and Andy Robinson’s “The End-to-End Trail” routes.

My planned route used as many long distance paths as was practicable but I knew from the outset that although this was the planned route, and that I was booking places to stay as I went along, it would be madness to stick to it if it didn’t make sense. Taking a road instead of a path I’d originally planned on walking didn’t mean I’d failed or anything as getting to the end was the goal, and I did that.

I know I can be stubborn sometimes but I wasn’t so stubborn as to allow for changes to the route if I thought it was either needed or just a good idea, and anyway, I had all the right maps and my GPS too so making changes on the fly wasn’t a problem if it was necessary.


Weekly Breakdown

The table below gives a weekly breakdown of my LEJOG walk. The links in the table will take you to a more detailed route page for that week.

Week Dates From To Miles Total Miles Complete
Week 1 07/05/10 to 13/05/10 Land’s End Launceston 99.64 99.64 9.05%
Week 2 14/05/10 to 20/05/10 Launceston Taunton 83.32 182.96 16.61%
Week 3 21/05/10 to 27/05/10 Taunton Cam 88.04 271.00 24.61%
Week 4 28/05/10 to 03/06/10 Cam Wolverhampton 91.83 362.83 32.95%
Week 5 04/06/10 to 10/06/10 Wolverhampton Waterloo Inn 73.14 435.97 39.59%
Week 6 11/06/10 to 17/06/10 Waterloo Inn Malham 92.98 528.95 48.03%
Week 7 18/06/10 to 24/06/10 Malham Middleton-in-Teesdale 61.92 590.87 53.65%
Week 8 25/06/10 to 01/07/10 Middleton-in-Teesdale Jedburgh 91.65 682.52 61.97%
Week 9 02/07/10 to 08/07/10 Jedburgh Edinburgh 79.92 762.44 69.23%
Week 10 09/07/10 to 15/07/10 Edinburgh Inverarnan 93.14 855.58 77.69%
Week 11 16/07/10 to 22/07/10 Inverarnan Invermoriston 94.31 949.89 86.25%
Week 12 23/07/10 to 29/07/10 Invermoriston Helmsdale 99.64 1049.53 95.30%
Week 13 30/07/10 to 01/08/10 Helmsdale John O’Groats 51.77 1101.30 100.00%


Route Maps

Below, you can see interactive plots of my planned and actual routes.


Planned Route

Actual Route


Please be aware that the route was hand-plotted by me and so may not be 100% accurate.