Day 13

on May 21, 2010 | 0 comments

Taunton to Street

Knowing I had a long day ahead of me I was up and about early this morning, even before my alarm went off at 7am. All packed I was sat eating break by 7:30am, unfortunately it wasn’t the best breakfast I’ve had on this little adventure so far. As I’d not had breakfast the day before, due to lazing in my bed for far too long, I was a little disappointed, especially when you consider the cost of the place – £70 a night for bed and breakfast is not cheap and I expected better. Overall Blorenge House wasn’t too bad, the room was perfectly serviceable and the en-suite looked pretty new but I still wouldn’t say it was completely worth the asking price for a night.

Day 14

on May 22, 2010 | 7 comments

Street to Binegar

After the late posting last night I managed my typical five hours sleep before waking up. I did however manage to doze a little bit afterwards so that was good as I wasn’t in the mood for rushing around after yesterday’s efforts!

To be honest, when I first started to potter around this morning I wasn’t sure if I’d be walking today or checking to see if the room was available for another night. As it goes, after hobbling up the road for breakfast, which was a lot better than the day before, it felt like the pains would ease. So, I packed up, checked out and hit the road with just over seventeen miles ahead of me.

Day 15

on May 23, 2010 | 4 comments

Binegar to Bath

The time spent at the Horse and Jockey was a tonic to my mood yesterday. When I went back for dinner and some drinks it was great just to sit and shoot the breeze, it just eased the mood away. Well, I suppose a few pints of Thatcher’s Gold cider may have had something to do with it too? Walking back to the B & B I certainly felt the effect of the cider that’s for sure. It was a great evening though and well needed.

As I never made it to my intended destination yesterday, I had a couple of miles extra to make up today. With that in mind I was up and about quite early, slightly thick headed after the cider the night before, but not feeling too bad. Fed and watered and settled up I hit the A37 and made my way to Old Down at 8:40am.

Rest Day 3

on May 24, 2010 | 2 comments


As it goes, I didn’t sleep too badly on the make-shift bed last night, certainly not any worse than any night so far on this walk. Yes, I woke up early but a lot of the aches and pains had gone by the time I started to potter around. My feet still hurt a bit but I didn’t have anything planned so a day without the boots on was looking good. Besides, I had yesterday’s blog post to sort out seeing as it didn’t get done yesterday.

I struggled most of the morning battling my tiredness, trying to write up yesterday’s walk. I couldn’t believe how tired I felt. I got it written and posted eventually though which is the main thing I suppose?

Rest Day 4

on May 25, 2010 | 2 comments


I had a great night out with Stu and his brother Ryan last night. Stu had promised me a steak dinner when I made it in to Bath and as I could hobble along a bit better after a day of not walking we went a little further afield than just round the corner.

After a nice bottle of cider in the flat we went and met Ryan and headed to the Volunteer Rifleman where we sat outside and enjoyed a nice pint and a chat.

Pint drunk we made our way to Hudson Steakhouse Bar and Grill, a short walk away, for a lovely meal. Tempura prawns to start followed by a wonderful 8oz fillet steak cooked perfectly. More beer and some very nice red wine helped to wash it all down. I didn’t go in for the sambuca as I’ve never been a fan but Stu and Ryan couldn’t resist.

Day 16

on May 26, 2010 | 5 comments

Bath to Old Sodbury

Last night was a little bit more of a subdued affair after the night before. Yes, Stu and I went out but it was just round the corner for a very nice pizza – my shout to say thanks for being so great and letting me crash a little longer than planned – and then it was back to the flat to watch a film. We watched Ninja Assassin which as it goes was a pretty good film if you like that sort of thing if course. Great fight scenes for sure.

Once that was done I sorted my stuff out ready for the morning and tried to get some sleep. I guess the walk ahead was playing on my mind as I lay there until well gone midnight, wide awake and not able to switch off.

Day 17

on May 27, 2010 | 4 comments

Old Sodbury to Cam

Fortunately the torrential rain from yesterday evening had dissipated and this morning was a clear, fresh – almost cold – morning, just right for walking.

After a good breakfast I was on back on the Cotswold Way at 8:35am and attacking the first of many hills of the day, and that was just getting out of Old Sodbury! Soon after the hill up past the school in Old Sodbury I was back in the countryside and making my way to Little Sodbury and Horton, navigating yet more cows, but getting some great views.