First of all I’d like to thank my dear mum and dad without whom none of this would have been possible. They afforded me the chance to get out of the rat-race, to take the time out to prepare and do this massive undertaking. Bless you both, you’re sorely missed every single day, but I know you would have been 100% behind me with this endeavour.

In some ways I should probably thank Sarah, my ex-wife. I know that may seem a little strange but, if she hadn’t decided to do what she did I can honestly say that the thought of doing something like this, and actually having the chance to do it, would never have happened. So thank you Sarah for making me realise that there’s more to this life than the 9 to 5 daily drudgery of work and that there’s a lot more to see in this world, even this small island of ours.

A big thank you to my little brother, Matt, for agreeing to house-sit for me while I was off gallivanting around the country. It was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders knowing that the house wouldn’t be empty all that time I was walking, and I wouldn’t be coming home to find it occupied by a bunch of squatters. I’m pleased to say that I still had a house left by the time I got back!

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to my family and friends who supported me in this adventure. Without your strength and support, and knowing that you all think I’m not a complete loon for thinking about doing this walk, well, it just meant the world to me.

Thank you, all of you.


I‘d like to thank the following people for their kind support and energy toward my big adventure.

A big thank you to Vida and  Heidi at FastTrack Fit Camp for offering me free sessions for the month of April as part of my training and preparation for the walk. These and all the practice miles went a long way to making sure I didn’t pass out after the first day!

Thanks to Oli at Tiffs in Chatham for doing a sterling job cutting the walk out of my hair – I so needed that hair cut – and for donating part of the bill towards my sponsorship.

A very special thanks goes out to my brother Matt, auntie Pam et al, Joel Silber  and my good friend Stuart Congdon – your generosity knows no bounds! And if that weren’t enough, Russ and Rachel set a new level on that score. Thank you both so much for your astounding, jaw-dropping generosity!