One thing that’s very important on a long walk, such as this one, is to make sure that you take the right equipment. Obviously, there needs to be some give and take between equipment and weight, especially considering I was carrying everything I needed on my back, every step of the way. Too much weight could bring on injuries but not taking the right things with me could have lead to something far worse.

I spent a lot of time looking at books and sites by other people who have completed the Land’s End to John O’Groats walk and I hoped, through reading about their mistakes and their eventual kit lists, I’d be ok. Clearly, making the decision very early on in the planning of this walk to not camp meant I saved myself a lot of weight from all the camping gear which I’m sure paid dividends as the weeks rolled on.

You can see the final list below. In total everything came in at a weighty 39.948lbs (18.120kgs). Not all of that was on my back as I was obviously wearing some of the clothes and my boots – they added quite a few lbs to the overall weight.

The actual contents (not including maps, water and any food I had for the day) came in at 24.936lbs (11.311kgs) which is 5lbs more than I really wanted to be carrying in the pack but there wasn’t a great deal I could do as I classed pretty much everything as essential. By the time water, maps and food were added to the pot, the average weight of the pack contents was closer to 30lbs, if not more…gulp!


My Kit


Item Details Weight (Kg)
Boots Meindl Borneo Pro 1.724
Fleece, long sleeved Craghoppers microfleece 0.300
Gloves Berghaus Windy Gripper 0.071
Gortex gaiters Perma 0.267
Gortex jacket Berghaus Yala Peak 0.535
Gortex waterproof over-trousers Berghaus Paclite 0.216
Scarf Buff 0.054
Socks, hiking (3) Brasher 3 Season 0.328
Socks, under socks (3) Brasher Better Than Silk 0.088
Spare shoelaces (2) Brasher 0.034
Sun hat Whiterock 0.125
Sunglasses Oakley 0.040
Thermal leggings Peter Storm 0.213
Thermal long sleeved top Peter Storm 0.255
Trousers that zip at the knee (2) Craghoppers Kiwi Zip Off 1.168
T-shirts, long sleeved (2) HH Lifa Dry Stripe Crew 0.285
T-shirts (2) HH Lifa Dry Stripe T 0.195
T-shirts (2) Berghaus Argentium Crew 0.303
Underwear (4) Sloggi 0.185
Woolly hat North Face 0.063


Item Details Weight (Kg)
Backpack liner Exped Waterproof Fold-Drybags 4 pack 0.198
Backpack with Platypus hydration system Berghaus C7 Pro 70+10 2.900
Boot waterproofing Nikwax 0.157
Bivi bag Kestrel Ripstop 0.303
Compass Silva Expedition 4 0.038
Earplugs Boots own brand 0.026
Emergency thermal blanket Lifesystems thermal blanket 0.071
Map measurer Recta C 100 0.019
Mosquito head net Mosquito/midge micro head net 0.020
Pen knife Victorinox Camper 0.074
Plastic bags, zip/sealed top for food Sainsbury’s own brand 0.000
Safety pins Boots own brand 0.033
Spatula, small plastic – you don’t want to know why! Sea To Summit iPoood 0.108
Survival bag Survival bivi bag, Olive 0.224
Walking poles Lexi Thermolite 0.440
Walking pole rubber tips Lexi 0.031
Whistle Lifesystems Mountain Lite 0.005


Item Details Weight (Kg)
Batteries Energizer 2000 rechargeable 0.217
Camera and SD cards Canon A480 0.189
Card reader and USB cable ByteStor multi card reader 0.088
iPod 120GB iPod Classic 0.176
GPS Unit Satmap Active 10 Plus 0.288
GPS UK OS Maps Satmap Great Britain 1:50000 0.000
LED flashing red light Cateye TL-LD150 5 LED light 0.046
Mini camera tripod Joby Gorillapod Original 0.046
Mobile phone and charging cable 16GB iPhone 0.221
Netbook and charger Samsung N140 1.607
Torch Petzl Tikka 2 Plus 0.082
Video recorder Flip Video UltraHD camcorder 0.181
Watch Freestyle Shark Buzz 0.059


Item Details Weight (Kg)
Antiseptic cream Boots own brand 0.109
Deep Heat spray Deep Heat 0.156
Deodorant Sure Sensitive stick 0.105
Disposable razors Sainsbury’s own brand 0.070
Elastoplast stretchable fabric tape Elastoplast 0.021
First aid kit Lifesystem traveller first aid kit 0.363
Hair clay V05 mattClay 0.109
Insect repellent Sainsbury’s own brand 0.132
Knee supports Boots own brand 0.104
Lip balm Chapstick 0.009
Micropore tape Boots own brand 0.031
Moisturiser Nivea Creme 0.048
Nail clippers  – 0.013
Pain relief tablets Panadol Extra 0.071
Plasters, blister Compeed/Savlon 0.025
Plasters, regular Boots own brand 0.033
Shampoo/shower gel all in one Radox 0.289
Soap Dettol anti-bacterial 0.129
Sun cream, factor 50 Ambre Solaire 0.206
Talcum powder Johnson’s baby powder 0.236
Toilet roll Andrex 0.158
Toothbrush Reach 0.012
Toothpaste Colgate 0.145
Towel Microfibre sports towel 0.263
Vaseline Vaseline 0.054
Water purification, chlorine tablets Lifesystems chlorine tablets 0.019
Water purification, neutralising tablets Lifesystems neutralising tablets 0.019
Wet-wipes Sainsbury’s own brand 0.160


Item Details Weight (Kg)
Cash  –  –
Cheque book  –  –
Credit/debit cards  –  –
Driving licence  –  –
Highlighter pens Stabilo (pack of 4) 0.055
Map case Silva 0.080
Maps and guidebooks 54 OS Explorer maps 0.126 each
Notebook and pen Moleskine 0.138
Wallet  –  –