Back to it again

on Apr 21, 2010 | 0 comments

After spending an absolutely wonderful week with my two little girls, where absolutely nothing related to the walk happened – they were understandably my one and only priority that week – I’m now back to it again, head down and running trying to get everything sorted out before the start of the walk.

I’m currently plotting all the route on the PC and transferring the final route, day by day, on to all my many maps…and there are a lot of them I can tell you! This is a pretty slow process but getting it right now will hopefully mean less headache down the road.

Ok, the route doesn’t have to be set in stone and can be flexible as I go along, but I’d like to start out with a full route drawn out and see what happens. Also, this means I can let my brothers know where I aim to be each day so that if something does go wrong, someone will know within a few miles where I was supposed to be. Obviously I hope nothing does go wrong but better to plan for the worst and not have to put the plan to the test me thinks?!

To be honest, I’m looking at the 3rd May start date and am beginning to think it may slip by a couple of days but I’m working my little tail off trying to get it all sorted so I can leave if not exactly on time but very close to it. Yes, the week with the girls put me a lot behind but there was no way I wasn’t going to spend that week with them!