Going nowhere, not very fast

on Mar 26, 2010 | 0 comments

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Acutely aware of my pace issue I thought it would be a good idea to go nowhere, not very fast. I decided to spend some time walking on my treadmill to try and teach myself to walk at a more reasonable pace. So yesterday morning I put my boots on, plugged in my iPod, set the treadmill to a 3MPH pace and started to walk.

I’m pleased to say that, even though I’d not put any plasters or anything on my feet, 6 miles in and there was only a slight grumbling from my toe on my right foot. Not bad. Hopefully, if I can sort out in my head this pace out in the real world then I might well manage to save my feet from too much pain.

In the afternoon I did another 3 miles just to see how things went and it was just as promising – hurrah!

The only problem – other than staring at a brick wall! – was that the treadmill automatically stopped after 95 minutes?! Kind of took me by surprise in the morning I can tell you, but it was simple enough to set the pace again and carry on.

I’d sooner not be doing too many miles on the treadmill if I’m perfectly honest, but if it helps to get my pace better then I guess I’ll have to do it some more? One bonus of using it though is that I can set it to throw in random hills. Berkshire, in the main, is pretty flat so this will help when I start to train with a weighted pack, which will no doubt be next week…gulp!