Rest Day 9

on Jun 19, 2010 | 4 comments

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After having a soak in the bath last night I realised the new blister on my right foot was right where I’ve had one before, many times! It was quite painful and that, along with the general pain in my feet kept me awake most of the night last night. I don’t know why it hurt so much as my feet/blisters have never affected me that badly over night. Talk about it being a good thing I wasn’t walking today.

We had a pretty slow morning talking a lot and generally chilling out, which was lovely and just what I needed. Rachel washed all my stuff bless her – thank you! It was at this point though, as I was getting all my clothes out of my pack, that it dawned on me that I was a pair of boxer shorts short. I have absolutely no idea where they’ve gone to and I had horrible visions of someone cleaning one of the rooms I’d stayed in recently to find them hanging somewhere, drying after I’d washed them. Oops!

Just for laughs I asked Rachel for a tape measure so that I could measure my waist to get an idea on how much weight I’d lost on this walk so far. Before the walk I was buying 34 inch trousers, more for the fact that I couldn’t fit into 32 inch trousers, so by that virtue I was something slightly less than 34 inches around my waist. Believe my shock when we measured my new leaner figure to find out that I now have a 31 inch waist! I can’t remember the last time I was that thin…and I’ve still got over 500 miles to go of this walk!?! I’m going to look like a stick insect by the end of this I reckon.

Russ downloaded all the photos I’d taken so far from my camera (over a thousand!) on to his nice shiny new Mac…want one! We then sat down and went through them all. It was great to see my journey so far and looking through the photos brought back a lot of memories already. It was also quite astonishing to see the difference in the landscapes I’d been walking through as we went through the photos.

With time pushing on we headed in to Harrogate so I could get some supplies in and replace a few bits of kit and we could all get some lunch. Russ drove us in which meant minimal walking so far for the day, which was nice.

I did well in the outdoor shop, getting everything I needed including a replacement pair of waterproof trousers after ripping my other pair trying to get through a stone style the other day – not happy about that I can tell you as they’re not cheap.

After that we headed to Bib and Tucker for lunch where we all had an excellent sandwich each. Triple-decker sandwiches are great!

The next thing on my list of things to do for the day was to stock up/replace toiletries and medicines but Asda failed me miserably. Talk about a bad shop. They had virtually nothing I was looking for so I gave up on shopping after that.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sat on my backside again. Russ showed me Red Dead Redemption on his Xbox which looked fantastic and I can’t wait to get it when I get home.

The rest of the afternoon seemed to zip by, which is strange considering we didn’t do anything at all, and soon it was time to go out for dinner. Russ and Rachel had booked a table at the local Italian restaurant – Bella Sicillia – so we jumped on a bus to save my poor feet, had a drink in So Bar and headed to the restaurant for food.

From the outside the restaurant really doesn’t look like much and to be honest, I’d probably not decide to go in there if I was visiting Knaresborough and didn’t know any better. That would be a silly mistake though as the food was lovely and the staff were excellent.

After we’d stuffed ourselves on far too much food we headed down to the Mitre pub for a few pints. It was quite busy in there so we grabbed pretty much the only available table left. We ended up sitting next to a couple – Julie and Stephen – who were really lovely people. We had a great chat with them and Stephen was so funny. It was a brilliant ending to an already fantastic evening out!

We walked back to Russ and Rachel’s from the pub, my knees and feet just about handling it, where we sat and watched TV until quite late. I was really hoping that the booze and late night would mean I’d get a better night’s sleep when I eventually went to bed and that my feet would play ball unlike last night. Only time would tell on that one.


  1. Matt

    June 21, 2010

    You know you will have to completely change your wardrobe when you get back bruv!!! my god you could probably fit into my clothes now, how scary is that!!!

    Glad you are enjoying your stay, say hi to Knaresborough for me!!

    • Darren

      June 21, 2010

      I think my shoulders would be too big for your stuff mate 😉 God knows how thin I’m going to be bt the end of this?!

  2. Matt

    June 21, 2010

    Good point mate! Still hopefully you wont pile it all back on once you are home! Excellent photos yesterday mate! wish I could have been there!

    • Darren

      June 21, 2010

      The little camera didn’t do too badly yesterdy did it? Only wish I’d had my other camera…another time!

      I’m certainly not aiming on putting all the weight back on when I get back. I like the slimmer me so he’s here to stay now!